Sunday, September 6, 2009

What I know of LOVE

What I Know of Love:

It is one abused word for sure- Love. Its interpretation correlates to an individual’s taste of it. Some savour it while others stomach the bitter flavour. And thus there are epics, poems, songs, novels and movies portraying different manifestations of love. Everyone has their version of it.

I for one fancied the idea of love. It had only one problem- it was perfect as an idea. When it transpired, it was nowhere near it.

First time I got introduced to love, it was only the want in me in getting to know that person. Turns out the person is just another soul in search of his own understanding of love. We parted ways in search of our so-called love. Then came along a self-acclaimed “love-expert” who started preaching about love and its rules. I was thoroughly monitored to adhering it. I had to escape before his syllables of love choked me.

One fine day and I thought I found it. For once, it even came close to my idea of love. Irony is too obvious a word but I was definitely not his interpretation of Love. He had all the right to see me “just as a friend”. So I compromised with the friendship, once more induced to renounce the existence of love.

Despite of all the attempts to give up the pursuit, it trailed along. Today, I am confronting it yet again. I have given up the endeavour to evaluate it with the idea I have. I am simply letting it trickle. For the first time, I am consenting to what is being presented to me. I am amazed at the positive tenor “we” have achieved. I cannot force him with my idea of love just because he lets me be “me”. I am letting my idea elapse, swallowing hard to let it die. It will take long i know but it will gradually fade away.

Will this work for long is the question. More so, is it love is the bigger interrogation that needs to be answered. Should this be my interpretation of love? Does love in its real sense even exist? Oh the much exploited word!

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