Saturday, February 21, 2009


I would like to thank those who invented computer and Internet.

Being a female and therefore biologically designed to get excited about every little incident, I developed the practice of putting my experiences into words. Keeping a diary was the best way to do it. High school and college day activities went down into those pages becoming a recorded memoir- of my own.

After graduation I made the only right decision in my life by becoming a print journalist. Being a journalist in Bhutan entails traveling long distances to hunt for stories. As such, a genuine writing interest, an unfaltering determination and good alcohol consumption capacity are crucial requirements. I am definitely good at the last one.

Writing for the newspaper and writing my personal accounts emerged as two different tasks. One I wrote for my readers, the other I wrote for myself. Over the period of three years as a journalist, in chase of articles, I have visited best and worst places, walked for days, met people of all sort, slept in sheds, laughed and cried with my interviewees.

Every day was a new day. Living overwhelming experiences and meeting inspiring people set me into new level of realisation. I learned to appreciate and find goodness in simple facts of life. All these kept my fondness for writing alive.

I love carrying a pen and a note book wherever I go. It not only makes others take me seriously, it has helped me earn my bread and butter. It still does. Having befriended for so long, I cannot imagine the idea of thrusting it aside. Yet, I have to act timely.

Therefore, here I am maintaining a blog of my own. And realising how computer and Internet facilities have augmented the convenience of writing and documenting write-ups, I couldn’t help thanking those who invented it.

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